Dance classes foster sense of community for dancers

The dance classes on campus aren’t just comprised of students taking them just to receive credit, they are actually a community of dancers sharing their passion and talent for dance.

While there is no designated dance department, some of the students enrolled in the school’s dance classes said they feel like there’s a dance community because of Kinesiology and Athletics Professor Michelle Green-Clark, who has been working at Cosumnes River College for over 10 years now.

“Our teacher is very accepting of people of all dance levels,” said Emily Curtis, a 23-year-old communications major. “She works with everybody no matter what your skill level is.”

Curtis said that the dance classes on campus are different than the ones she has taken before. She said she appreciates how nice everyone is in her dance classes.

“Everyone is so supportive, and Michelle is an amazing teacher,” said Curtis. “I am able to try new things, fail and continue to get better because everyone uplifts and supports your dance journey.”

The dance classes are held at the Elk Grove Center each semester, and different genres such as jazz, ballet, hip hop and modern dance are offered. 

Ericisha Burkhalter, a 20-year-old business administration major, said she feels like the students of the dance classes are definitely a community. Burkhalter has been dancing with the people in the community for almost six years now and said she and other alumni, along with people in the class, are so close they’re like a family.


“The dancers and alumni are constantly supporting one another, as well as the department,” said Burkhalter. “Many long-lasting friendships and dance crews were formed through CRC dance classes.”

Through the classes, Angela “AJ” Charles, a 31-year-old American Sign Language major, said that she has grown and has made new friends and relationships through it. 

“Our teacher is very, very helpful in facilitating good relationships and fostering good talent that provides a safe place for dancers to come and explore their talent and to grow their skills,” said Charles. 

Charles also states how much she appreciates Green-Clark’s ability to work with all dance students at different skill levels. 

“It’s very awesome because she makes everyone feel comfortable and you can do everything at your own level and own pace,” said Charles. “She pushes you to always try harder and be better and that is how we all come together to motivate and support each other so we can all do our very best.”