‘Like a Boss’ is the first female led comedy of the decade

The comedy film Like a Bossdirected by Miguel Arteta was released in theaters on Jan. 10. 

Like a Boss” is a raunchy comedy that tells the story of two bestfriends who have their own cosmetic company but soon come across financial problems that put their friendship to the ultimate test.

Mia (Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip and Night School) and Mel (Rose Byrne, Instant Family and Bridesmaids) both have built their cosmetic business from the ground up. They really took on their cosmetic business like a boss and opened up their own signature beauty store. 

Years later, the two best friends soon see themselves in a huge debt and are in need of financial help. That is where Claire Luna (Salma Hayek, Grown Ups) who is the villain in the film, gets on board. 

Claire Luna is a wealthy makeup mogul who offers to pay off Mia and Mel’s debt and invest millions in their business in exchange to own 49% of their company. The catch is that if either Mia or Mel decide to quit along the way, it increases to 51%. 

Although Mia and Mel have been best friends through middle school, Claire Luna finds a way to split them up by pointing out their different characteristics.

Mia is more crazy and free spirited, while Mel is the sensible one who never speaks her mind. Claire Luna reminds them of their character traits and puts their friendship and business in danger.

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne both are known to bring on the funny and were perfect for this comedy film. 

Although, characters Mia and Mel are charismatic and funny, the overall film did not get the reaction they hoped to get. The first comedy of the decade, “Like a Boss” was not what audiences were expecting.

The movie shared a positive message to young girls and women who are looking to start a business. 

However, people weren’t impressed with the comedic aspect of the film. 

There were a few jokes here and there, but nothing too special occurred in the plot. Many referred to the movie as “fascinatingly unfunny.”

It was your classic villain character trying to gain control over something they really want. In this case, Claire Luna took over 51% percent of Mia and Mel’s company. 

But just like most movies, the two best friends got their happy ending as they save their business and become more successful.

The story and plot was very powerful and it encouraged women to work for what they are passionate about. They showed female viewers that they can be their own boss too. 

To the very end, “Like a Boss” definitely showed what a true friendship and loyalty looks like. But as far as the comedy throughout the film, it was simply not reached. But don’t worry, this is just the start of January.