‘In the Studio’ series presents ‘Raise Your Voice’

The Sep. 11 entry in the music department's weekly

Asyah Zamani

The Sep. 11 entry in the music department’s weekly “In the Studio” series of presentations featured the musical talents of students. Named “Raise your Voice” the student focused presentations will take place on the fourth week of the month.

The Cosumnes River College Music Department’s “In the Studio” series presented an open mic event called “Raise Your Voice” on Friday.
Music Professor Maxwell Kiesner said the “Raise Your Voice” event is about opening a platform to the campus for those who are musically talented, but not enrolled in music classes.
In the “Raise Your Voice” presentation hosted by CRC music students Lina Crouson and Hosna Alacozy, music faculty and non-music students shared their talents that were pre-recorded beforehand on Zoom. These talents included singing songs, playing musical instruments and recording music and beats.
“We want to provide a digital gathering place to make distance learning more engaging to our students,” said Kiesner.
Tyler Burke, an 18-year-old music major, performed Murcia’s “Fandango” on a Baroque guitar.
“I wanted to perform it because I find music of the Baroque era really fascinating,” said Burke. “I love it whether it be people like Bach, Kapsberger or more like people like Murcia.”
Burke said he loves what the music department is doing during the COVID-19 distance learning.
“I think it’s really cool to be able to see what other students are making and creating,” said Burke. “Just all of the different styles of music people play or even in the future other people sharing other art forms through the ‘Raise Your Voice’.”
Nineteen-year-old psychology major Marilet Henderson, a viewer, said “Raise your Voice” is the only recent event she’s been to.
“I appreciate the effort because even before COVID, musical arts is underappreciated,” said Henderson.
Henderson said the students’ pre-recorded presentations were decent for being an online event.
“I prefer the live performances over video,” said Henderson. “It was nice for it to be a professional setting, but it also would’ve been nice to see everyone’s face.”
Kiesner said the “Raise Your Voice” event is an additional avenue for students on campus.
“This is the first time students on campus have had the opportunity to showcase their talents in this way,” said Kiesner.
There are many talented students at CRC, said Kiesner.
“It’s important to share their talents because we are used to an oversaturated series giving opportunities to individuals, without a voice empowers them to do something more with their talent,” said Kiesner. “I’m excited to hear what they have done.”
The “Raise Your Voice” series will be every fourth week of the month with the next one taking place on Oct. 9 at noon on Zoom, as well as the other “In the Studio” events happening weekly.