Sacramento’s Onit Coffee food truck serves excellent drinks and creates good vibes for the community


Asyah Zamani

Onit Coffee serves amazing drinks to everyone. Featured here is a large iced strawberry watermelon lemonade with mango boba and is located on 9250 Big Horn Blvd in Elk Grove.

Without a doubt, many people enjoy drinking coffee because it’s their favorite go-to drink, and it helps them get through the day.
Onit Coffee, a Sacramento food and coffee truck, opened in February 2020 in Elk Grove. Their motto on the truck says, “Impacting lives, one cup at a time.”
Onit Coffee’s mission statement is to bring a gourmet coffee experience to the local community while also helping those in need, according to the Onit Coffee website.
Onit has a variety of drinks and food that is served to everyone. Their food and drinks on the menu consist of smoothies, lemonade, protein shakes, milkshakes, frappuccinos, macchiatos, onergy drinks, iced tea, breakfast burritos, turkey wrap sandwiches and many more.
The Onit Coffee workers always welcome and greet their customers as they arrive at the truck. The vibe and energy of Onit creates a pleasant and friendly environment for everyone.
As your first time going to Onit Coffee, the Onit workers give you an Onit stamp card where they stamp each of the purchases you make, and on your 10th purchase, you get a free drink.
When purchasing a drink, you can ask the workers how you want your drink to be made, whether that be a regular iced drink or blended drink. You can also ask them what kind of ingredients of how you want your drink to be made.
A few of Onit Coffee’s top favorite drinks are strawberry lemonade, caramel frizz, oreo shake and matcha latte, according to Onit Coffee’s Instagram.
The most satisfying drinks to me are the iced watermelon lemonade, blended strawberry lemonade and caramel macchiato. These drinks are amazing because once you take the first sip, you feel completely refreshed, energized and your day has a better outlook.
Onit Coffee’s outdoor seating area is remarkable and reliable for customers to relax and enjoy their drinks. In the evenings, the lights above the seating area light up, which provides a good view and attracts more customers.
Occasionally, Onit Coffee has social events, such as video game tournaments, comedy nights and hang outs with the spiderman crew, also known as the “spidey squad,” where they have live performances and take pictures with kids.
Everyone should go try Onit Coffee because it’s simply the best coffee ever and the taste of it is simply extraordinary. All of the different and creative drinks they have make it an enjoyable experience.
Onit Coffee is open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. and does deliveries by DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Postmates, according to Onit Coffee’s Instagram page.