Top ten Kpop songs for spring



BTS’ song “Spring Day” is among our writer’s picks for a spring KPOP playlist that is sure to lift your mood. The band was also nominated for a Grammy for best pop duo/group performance.

I have a love-hate relationship with the spring season. Though I love seeing everything in bloom and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, spring also summons bothersome heat and dreaded allergies.
Listening to music during walks around my neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do during warm weather. It takes my mind off the minor annoyances of springtime and it’s a great mood-setter.
With the arrival of spring, there are 10 amazing Kpop songs that are perfect for springtime and it’s a great mood lifter.
This playlist includes “Palette” by IU and G-Dragon, “Blueming” by IU, “Maybe Spring” by Yoo Seonho, “Spring Love” by Wendy and Eric Nam, “What the Spring?” by 10cm, “Real Love” by Henry, “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” by High4 and IU, “Spring Fever” by Mamamoo, “Spring Day” by BTS, “Star Blossom” by Doyoung and Kim Sejeong.
These songs aren’t too ‘bubbly’ because spring still has its cold nights and occasional rainy days. Despite this, this playlist brings a mixture of happy and warm songs.
My favorite song from this playlist is “Spring Day” by BTS. It’s from their album “You Never Walk Alone,” which came out in 2017, and it’s one of BTS’ most popular songs.
I am partial to any song that is produced by BTS. However, I am very fond of “Spring Day” because of the meaning behind it — and the theories.
“Spring Day” conveys feelings of love, loss, reflection and a yearning for the past. It’s rumored the song is related to the 2014 Sewol Ferry tragedy — where 304 of 476 passengers aboard a ship headed for Jeju Island in South Korea died.
Hopefully, the song’s meaning doesn’t sway anyone’s mood while listening to the playlist. It is a great song that has an uplifting tune to it and it’s great for the playlist and for those — including myself — who miss winter and autumn.
The entire playlist is great, but along with “Spring Day”, “What the Spring” by 10cm and “Palette” by IU and G-Dragon are personal favorites because of the song’s warm melody but surprising lyrics.
“What the Spring” has a warm and happy melody but the lyrics are hilarious because it’s complaining about why spring would be so important to people and why it’s favored over winter.
The song has a great melody for a spring playlist but the meaning makes it ironically funny because it also complains about springtime.
“Palette” is similar to “What the Spring” because it has a warm and upbeat melody, but the lyrics are about discovering and knowing your true self and ignoring haters.
The lyrics of “Palette” are specific to the artist’s own struggles of being a celebrity, but listeners can connect with the lyrics through their own struggles.
Everyone should listen to the playlist and take a walk around your neighborhood. These songs are perfect for relaxing and great for spring.