Virtual transfer week begins Monday


Asyah Zamani

Virtual transfer week begins on the week of Sept. 20-23. Virtual transfer week will have Zoom sessions with representatives from many four-year colleges and universities interacting with Los Rios students with each of the four days having their own theme.

Virtual transfer week begins Sept. 20 with Zoom events from Monday through Thursday arranged by the staff of all four Los Rios colleges.
Virtual transfer week involves representatives from many four-year colleges and universities interacting with Los Rios students with each of the four days having their own theme. Monday’s theme is California State University, Sacramento, Tuesday’s is private and out of state universities, Wednesday’s is University of California Day and Thursday’s is CSU day.
“We’re here to help and we’ve gone through the process many times and to get students to that next step in their academic journey,” said Emily Barkley, Transfer Center SPA. “They can turn to us and we’re willing to help them.”
The staff of the transfer center work all year to assist students in achieving their goal of moving on to a four-year university.
“Every Tuesday, the Sac State representative is available all semester by appointment through the transfer center,” Barkley said. “From Sept. 28 to the second week in December, either by giving us a call or email.”
“There’s other university reps too who visit,” Barkley said. “Other universities do appointments as well just not as often, Chico State once a month, then UOP University of The Pacific and UC Davis.”
Barkley said for all the universities aside from UC Davis appointments can be made directly through the transfer center by email or phone and Davis has its own system with the link provided on the workshop calendar handout.
Virtual transfer day does not usually offer recordings of the Zoom meetings.
“Either, we don’t have the control of the room, for example when the UCs are doing their sessions, they are the ones who have control over the Zoom links,” Counselor and Transfer Center Coordinator Megan Neves said. “There are so many of them we physically don’t have the capacity to set up all the Zoom’s for them.”
A major concern with recording the events is of the privacy of the participants when many presentations have interaction throughout, as well as the question of consent to being recorded.
“Because you have students in there, it gets a little tricky there’s no blanket message asking if it’s ok if it’s recorded, if you are being recorded,” Neves said. “Sometimes people share very personal things.”
Virtual transfer day is an opportunity to get information about transfer requirements and listen to the questions that other students in similar positions have for prospective school’s admissions departments.
The staff of the transfer center still want to help students even if they can’t make it to virtual transfer week. They are available to assist by email at [email protected] or by phone at (916) 691-7470.
“Go visit your transfer center and go visit your counselor, ask questions and go often,” Neves said.