Top five movies to get into the Halloween spirit


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October is the month to watch scary Halloween movies. Some great Halloween movies to watch are “Halloween,” “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween,” “Candy Corn,” “Terrifier” and “Halloween II.”

It’s October! That means it’s Halloween season and it’s time to watch scary Halloween movies.
With so many horror movies to watch at this time of the year, here are five scary movies you can watch to get into the Halloween spirit.
The first one is the 1978 slasher movie called “Halloween,” directed by John Carpenter, and the main character being Michael Myers. “Halloween” is one of those movies that is memorable because of the iconic music that is played multiple times throughout the movie.
Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night in 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again, according to the IMDb website.
Actor Nick Castle has the main role of playing Michael Myers, who is a silent serial killer that wears a white mask and a dark blue jumpsuit. The “Halloween” franchise is widely successful with 13 different movies and the last one, “Halloween Ends,” releasing in 2022.
Although Castle’s portrayal as Michael Myers doesn’t kill a whole bunch of people in this movie, the film is more about being aware that he can pop out at any moment.
One of “Castle’s signature” performances was that he would disappear even though he was staring directly at somebody from a far distance or he would suddenly appear out of nowhere in any area and it didn’t matter if it was day or night.
Another reason the 1978 “Halloween” movie is one of my favorites is not only because of the performance done by Castle, but by the performance of actress Jamie Lee Curtis (“Freaky Friday”). Curtis has been in six out of the 13 “Halloween” movies.
A second great Halloween movie is the 2017 movie called “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.” Madea is played by Tyler Perry, who is the director, writer and main character of the film. This is a Halloween-themed comedy movie.
Madea, Auntie Bam (played by Cassie Davis) and their friend, Hattie (played by Patrice Lovely) must run for their lives after entering a haunted house where monsters, goblins and the boogeyman are unleashed, according to the IMDb website.
A few things that make this a must-see Halloween movie is because of Madea and her hilarious performance in the film industry, but also Perry can make her serious when she has to be. And the amount of battles Madea, Bam and Hattie have to go through to save others from the evil that was in their way.
A third Halloween movie that is good to watch during the month of October is the 2019 film called “Candy Corn.” This film is directed and written by Josh Hasty and it’s a Halloween thriller movie.
Actor Nate Chaney, who portrays the role of Jacob Atkins, is out to seek revenge against the bullies who wronged him after they planned their annual hazing on him, according to the IMDb website.
The fourth Halloween based movie to watch for the month of October is the 2016 movie called “Terrifier.”
“Terrifier” is a movie about a woman named Tara Heyes who finds herself in the grasp of an obsessed sadistic murderer called Art the Clown.
This film is directed, written, edited and co-produced by Damien Leone, and Leone also did this film’s special makeup effects.
Art the Clown is played by actor David Howard Thorton (“Gotham”) and Tara Heyes is played by actress Jenna Kanell (“WandaVision”). “Terrifer” is mostly remembered because of the outfit that Thorton has on, which is a black and white clown suit and acts like a mime. Thorton also makes ridiculous facial expressions throughout the film.
The last film that is a great movie to watch is the 2009 version of the movie called “Halloween II.”
Laurie Strode, played by Scout Taylor-Compton (“An American Crime”) is worried about her brother Michael Myers, played by former pro wrestler Tyler Mane (“X-Men”) returning to Haddonfield, but Michael wants to simply reunite with his sister.
The reason why “Halloween II” is memorable is because of the scene where one specific actress is killed. Michael Myers kills Nurse Daniels who is played by 2012 Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.
Growing up, many kids would dress up as these characters when they’d go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.
These movies are great to watch during the month of October because of the suspense and the joy it makes you feel. And not only are these films watchable during the month of October, but they are watchable at any point during your life.