Syfy and USA Network ‘Chucky’ series explores murders and LGBTQ experiences


Lydia Tesfaye

The horror television series “Chucky” premiered this fall on Syfy and USA Network. The series tells the story about a possessed doll named Charles Lee Ray/Chucky and his backstory along with the murders happening in Hackensack.

The horror television series “Chucky” tells the story about a possessed doll named Charles Lee Ray that is purchased at a yard sale and strange murders begin happening in the town of Hackensack.
The series premiered this fall on Syfy and USA Network, and it is the sequel to “Cult of Chucky,” which is the seventh film of the “Child’s Play” franchise. It is directed by Don Mancini (“Seed of Chucky”, “Curse of Chucky”).
Zackary Arthur stars as Jake Wheeler (“The 5th Wave”, “Mom and Dad”), actress Alyvia Alyn Lind (“The Young and the Restless”) as Lexy Cross, Teo Briones (“Will vs. The Future”) as Junior Wheeler, Björgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Calington Castle”) as Devon Evans and Brad Dourif (“Child’s Play”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) as the voice of Chucky.
In the first episode, 14-year-old Jake Wheeler, who is a lonely kid, buys a Chucky doll and uses it for his sculpture project, but his father destroys it and verbally abuses him because of his sexuality. Chucky murders Wheeler’s father, and Wheeler discovers that his Chucky doll comes to life and finds out who he truly is.
In the second episode, it is Halloween day and Chucky is after his next victim, which is Lexy Cross, who is a popular girl and bully at school, but Wheeler stops him from murdering her at a Halloween party. Chucky tells Wheeler to kill her because she bullies him and will continue to do so if he doesn’t do anything about it.
Aside from the murders happening in the series, it is mainly centered on teenagers and their daily lives. The series also explores bullying and LGBTQ experiences.
The series has some references from the “Child’s Play” movies, such as when Wheeler tries to make Chucky talk to him and when Chucky talks about his genderfluid son Glen to Wheeler.
The scene where Wheeler is left alone with Chucky in his bedroom, illustrates a dark setting because his room itself is dark and they talk at night time. In other scenes, it illustrates a bright setting when Wheeler goes to school.
One thing that was great in the series was the background music that was played in some of the scenes because it fit perfectly well with a situation that was happening. For example, when Chucky starts to move in Wheeler’s bedroom, suspenseful music is played.
Another thing that was amazing in the series was when Chucky stands up for Wheeler at a talent show when he gets bullied by Cross, and he witnesses everything that is happening to Wheeler. This was captivating because it shows how Chucky kind of cares about Wheeler and he is like a friend to him.
Although Chucky is a murderous Good Guy doll, he is well known for his iconic laugh and the phrases he says in the “Child’s Play” franchise as well as in the TV series.
The “Chucky” TV series is definitely worth the watch because of the storyline, recurring characters and Chucky’s sense of humor. If you’re a fan of horror movies and like to laugh a little, then this series is for you.