Transfer Center advice on CSU and UC application process


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Cosumnes River College’s Transfer Center counselors share tips on how to transfer to a UC or CSU. Students must meet the requirements of the school they are applying to.

Cosumnes River College’s Transfer Center counselors shared insight and tips for students applying to transfer to a CSU or UC.
In order to apply to transfer, students have to meet the requirements of the school they are applying to.
Counselors Megan Neves and Emily Barkley explained how UC applicants must have 60 UC transferable units and a 3.0 GPA or better, but greater specifics depend on the school and the major.
“Basically, it’s taking an English composition, a second level English composition and then four courses from the various other areas,” Neves said.
Classes such as these are commonly referred to as “general education” classes.
“So other areas would include arts and humanities, social behavioral sciences, physical science, biological science,” Neves said. “So kind of take any four of those areas and then of course, your math as well.”
Neves recommended students who are interested in UCs to get involved with Transfer Admission Guarantee to better their chances of getting into the school and major they are interested in.
“The TAG is made for only certain majors. So that’s one thing, okay, and it’s a higher set of admission requirements,” Neves said. “So it’s taking those general ones and kind of elevating them, oftentimes, the GPA is higher. Part of that also means that they have to have their major courses completed.”
All UC schools accept TAG except UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego.
The counselors recommend being vulnerable and unique with their personal statement letters.
“So always when you’re writing we tell students just start writing. Don’t get caught up in the structure too much. Look at each prompt and just start jotting out some ideas, and then we’ll refine them later,” Neves said. “But also, definitely speak to you, not in generalities.”
Students looking for resources can join the Transfer Center’s UC Personal Insight question information session via Zoom on Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. CSU schools require students to have 60 CSU transferable courses. The minimum required GPA is a 2.0. There is a difference between transferable UC units and CSU units and they are not always the same.
“Generally a tip there if it’s a 300 level or above, generally, it’s CSU transferable most likely. In addition to that half, you want to at least come from your general education,” Neves said.
CSUs also require students to complete their golden four.
“Golden four is your written composition of critical thinking class, a math and then a communications course,” Neves said.
The counselors encourage students to use resources such as their counselors and transfer center in order to make sure they are on the right track towards transferring.
“Please come visit us because there’s so many little pieces that are important to help you be as competitive as you can to get into whatever major whatever campus you want to get into,” Neves said.
They also recommend for students to understand there are resources on campus that are meant to help students succeed.
“We’re here to kind of help fill in those gaps. You know, the questions that students might have, but they just didn’t have time to ask the counselor in the counseling appointment,” Barkley said. “And so we want students to utilize us as a resource.”