Skillet releases their ‘Dominion’ album


Zacariah Aguila

Christian rock band Skillet releases their newest album “Dominion.” The album is their 11th studio album consisting of 12 songs.

Christian rock band Skillet released their 11th studio album called “Dominion.”
The band consists of guitarist and vocalist John Cooper, guitarist and pianist Korey Cooper, drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger and guitarist Seth Morrison. Skillet has been my favorite band since my teenage years.
Riff Magazine wrote that “Dominion” delivered big anthemic songs, and plenty for the band’s fans to love.
There are 12 songs on the album. “Surviving the Game” and “Dominion” are two songs that stand out the most.
“Surviving the Game” has an incredible music video and captivating lyrics. The music video had red smoke whenever there was a guitar riff, all the band members were going to go the distance to overcome what the battle was no matter who was in the way, the area where the music video was done was in a desert.
With lyrics like this: “To be more than a conqueror, you have to learn to enjoy the pain, if you want to survive the game,” and, “victories for the brave one who never bow a knee when it’s do or die,” it is easy to get these songs stuck in your head.
The second song on the album that is my favorite is actually the album name “Dominion.” This song is one of my favorites because there is so much power, energy and positivity that comes from this song. The strong lyrics, the many guitar solos that are present and the way the audio is done
There are a few songs that are decent, but not as good as the others. One of those songs is the 11th song “Ignite.”
This song does have some good guitar riffs in it, but the song doesn’t have much energy. It barely has any guitar solos in it, and the song felt like it was on a constant repeat for the entire three minutes and 41 seconds.
The second decent song was the 10th song titled “Forever or The End.” The song had a lot of piano sounds in it, and is one of their softer and calmer songs on the album. It has almost no guitar riff or solos. This song sounds similar to the song “Watching for Comets” that was on their “Unleashed” album that was released in 2016.
The reason why this song is similar to “Watching for Comets” is because of the similar sound, the way that they are both love songs, and the beats are very similar.
Overall, this album is one that I highly recommend you go and listen to at some point during your day. Another reason you should listen to this album is because it will make you feel better, because the lyrics are uplifting, the music is great and the album cover is awesome to look at.