Club offers students outdoor adventures


Courtesy of John Seamons

Students in the Outdoors Club on a trip to Cronin Ranch. The club takes regular trips to natural locations in Northern California.

The Outdoors Club is available for students to help them connect with the outdoor experiences in Northern California, according to the Cosumnes River College website.

The club is student driven with advisors and holds meetings over Zoom to discuss and plan their monthly trips.

“The main goal of the club is just to provide outdoor opportunities or outdoor experiences for students to enjoy nature,” said English Professor John Seamons, who is an advisor for the Outdoors Club. “We just go on trips and visit places and try and have a good time.”
The locations and plans of these trips are decided by the students of the club with the help of the advisors.

Some locations that Seamons said the club has visited include Yosemite National Park, Indian Grinding Rock, Cronan Ranch and Dillon Beach.

“We try and stay within a few hours. So basically Northern California, but wherever the students are interested in going we try and go to those places,” Seamons said.

Club president Mackenzie Stender, a 23-year-old human services major, said she loves the events they go to.

“It can be nice to just connect with other people that also enjoy being out in nature,” Stender said.
Stender continued to talk about the significance of CRC having a club like the Outdoors Club available for students.

“I think it’s really important because not everyone has been out in nature and might not feel comfortable just going alone if they haven’t experienced an outdoors event,” Stender said.

Stender said that not everyone has access to a car or the means to get to the outdoors because it’s typically two hours away for the trips they go on.

“Just being able to provide that for folks that are unable to go to the outdoors on their own,” Stender said.

English Professor Christina Washington is a co-advisor of the club.

Washington said they want to be able to offer the opportunity to students to be outdoors in nature and in community and to share the experience with each other.

“We go on some of these outings and students share that this is the first time they’ve been to Dillon Beach or the first time they’ve seen Yosemite and they’re very excited,” Washington said.

“Students just need the opportunity to go and as long as we offer that, then people will have the chance to maybe venture out when they haven’t and it’ll start a love for the outdoors that maybe they didn’t know they had,” Washington said.
To join the Outdoors Club, click here.