Dahmer series sparks conversation over infamous serial killer


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Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in “Dahmer – Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story” poster. The mini-series was released on Sept. 21.

The Netflix series, “Dahmer – Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story” was released on Sept. 21.
This 10-episode limited series dove deep into the twisted actions of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, a “monster” who hid in plain sight and his victims who were caught in the middle of his sick mind.
“For what I did, I should be dead,” was the infamous quote Dahmer said moments after being arrested. Also known as The Milwaukee Cannibal, Dahmer was arrested for killing 17 men, specifically men of color and went on to become one of the most notorious serial killers in America.
The series was co-created by writers Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan who worked alongside Evan Peters who played Jeffery Dahmer.
It is no surprise that Evan Peters landed the role of Jeffery Dahmer as he worked with Murphy before in “American Horror Story.” Peters accurately portrayed the image and actions of Dahmer.
The series was dark, twisted and featured scenes that are considered to be disturbing to audiences as it recaptured the likely events that occurred when Dahmer started his killing spree.
While watching, the audience gets a glimpse into Dahmer’s mind and what pushed him to kill.
The series demonstrated not only the crimes that Dahmer committed, but the impact that it had on the victims’ families.
The series not only showed the events that led up to Dahmer’s morbid actions, but it also highlighted the possible effects of alcoholism and drugs on young men, as Dahmer would openly drink at all times of the day.
Netflix garnered a lot of attention through TikTok as many people expressed opinions about this series.
The victims that Dahmer killed were mentioned in the storyline because the show’s intent was to highlight Dahmer’s victims.
Dahmer’s victims were all gay males who ranged in age from 14 to their early 30s.
The most heartbreaking part of this series is that the corrupted police system failed the lives of the victims.
Controversy has followed the series. However, the attention it’s drawn has allowed the creators to highlight the crimes committed and to give the victims a voice.