Dean talks to students about their college experiences


Asyah Zamani

The Dean of Arts, Media and Entertainment Brian Rickel held a sit-down event called Lunchbox with the Dean at the AME quad on Nov. 16. Rickel has conversations with students about their college experiences.

Students are invited to bring a lunch and meet with the Dean of arts, media and entertainment for informal advising and conversation as part of the Lunchbox with the Dean series.
The Dean of Arts, Media and Entertainment Brian Rickel said it’s important to give students someone to talk to about college.
“I think a lot of people have assumptions about what college is and what it should be and in this conversation with students, I just want to let them know how many options there are for them in college,” Rickel said.
Rickel said this event is a great opportunity to communicate and connect with students and to introduce himself as a dean.
“I’m a dean that really wants to be very connected to students,” Rickel said. “It’s important that students have someone to talk to that is an artist, especially art students to talk to another voice that’s an artist.”
Sophia Ventura, a 20-year-old kinesiology major, said this is her second time attending the event and likes how informational it is.
“I felt like I never really got to experience in high school or this in general having that one-on-one conversation with someone,” Ventura said. “He’s just very supportive and encouraging, so I guess that’s what drawn me to keep going to these lunches even though I’m not a music major. I still like having these conversations.”
Nineteen-year-old early childhood education major Jenny Kim said she liked connecting with other people at this event.
“For me, I’m an international student, so I like to talk with American people to listen to their stories and their majors and what they’re studying,” Kim said. “It’s good to communicate because everyone is from a different major, they have different stories or characteristic.”
The next Lunchbox with the Dean event will be on Dec. 6 at the AME quad from 12 to 1 p.m.