Campus hosts Film & Culture series to create inclusion


Gabriella Groves

Film and Media Professor Adam Wadenius and Interim Director of Student Equity & Engagement Oscar Mendoza-Plascencia started their Film & Culture series on Feb. 28. The event was held in the library and will have three more screening and discussion events over the next three months.

A movie screening of the film “The Night of the Living Dead” directed by George Romero was held in the library on Feb. 28.

The event is part of the Film & Culture series, which was made possible by Film and Media Professor Adam Wadenius and Interim Director of Student Equity & Engagement Oscar Mendoza-Plascencia.

“The idea was to try to find films that addressed culture in different ways, but also was addressing essentially what’s going on in that month,” Wadenius said.

He said that the films will focus on a specific issue every month.

“We tried to find films that would address topics happening in our society,” Wadenius said.

Wadenius discussed the idea for the film series events with Mendoza-Plascencia because they both wanted to find a way to better incorporate equity on campus.

Wadenius thought that “The Night of the Living Dead” was a good way to address all of the anxieties present in society.

“The film is very obviously bringing out a lot of issues that have to do with the 1960s such as the Civil Rights movements and issues involving race and ethnicity, and those are things that are still unfortunately very much at the forefront of our society,” Wadenius said.

The event started at the Center for Inclusion and Belonging, located in L-106, where students could get free popcorn and hot chocolate.

Students were encouraged to discuss the movie before it began as they made their way toward L-111, where the screening took place.

Wadenius and Mendoza-Plascencia briefed the audience on the purpose of the film series event and talked a little bit about the movie before it began.

After the film, Wadenius asked questions and encouraged people to discuss the movie in the center for inclusion and belonging.

“I think they started off with a really good movie selection choice,” said Andrea Swan, a 34-year-old undecided major. “‘The Night of the Living Dead’ is one of my favorites.”

Swan said that the event was good, though she wished the introduction in the inclusion center went on for a little bit longer.

“I think it was good to get the conversation going because although the focus was on inclusion and cultural insensitivities, I think that a lot of people were able to get the action from the movie and the horror and it still captured the point,” Swan said.

The next film series event will feature a screening of the Disney film “Moana” and will be held on March 21 in L-106 and L-111.