Exhibit praises campus through artwork


Neezy Jeffery

A gallery viewer looking at featured art from the “Cultural Relevance: An Intimate Glimpse” exhibit. The art exhibit is open now in the Art Gallery everyday from noon to 4 p.m. until April 27.

The Arts, Music and Entertainment department held an opening reception for a new exhibit called, “Cultural Relevance: An Intimate Glimpse” on Thursday.

The exhibit featured artwork in the form of photo compilations by students and faculty members. Curator and Art Professor Geri Donovan and 26-year-old art history major, studio art major and gallery assistant Antonio Osorio Santiago said they worked to produce a gallery that was easily accessible and celebrated Cosumnes River College’s magic.

“In the arts, we feel we’re offering a vision,” Donovan said. “Culture is formed underground. You’ve been here, you’ve left your mark.”

Centered in the room was a bridge structure oriented in a way to guide viewers throughout the exhibit. Donovan said the piece came on behalf of the theater department and wanted to emulate the exhibit’s theme and culture’s point of origin.

“The photos seemed to be the best way to represent the cultures they are a part of because not everyone has the ability to create art,” Santiago said. “There’s a feeling of connection even if it isn’t you.”

Santiago said the gallery was created to see and feel a sense of community with a balance of the sentimental and the physical aspects.

AME photographer Neezy Jeffery was featured in the exhibit. Jeffery said they have been featured in the art department’s exhibits before, but this is the first time they had more than one piece of art on display.

Jeffery said they like to watch spectators of their artwork from a distance and then ask them about their feelings on the art.

“I like to let them look, then slowly approach,” Jeffery said. “I want to know what they feel.”

Twenty-one-year-old studio art major Annelise Hernandez said this was their second time being featured in the gallery. They said that the gallery was a good opportunity to express themselves in a way that people don’t normally see.

Hernandez also said their photos were selected because of their expression and candid nature.

“I have a tendency to be a bit more introverted in social settings, so it’s nice to have an opportunity to show everyone a side of me that I don’t express directly,” Hernandez said. “They liked the way I captured everyday moments.”

Donovan said the exhibit came from an idea to celebrate CRC, which started two years ago. She said she was excited to see a high turnout and active engagement from the participants.

“We asked, ‘what is the demographic at CRC?’” Donovan said. “We’re something different. This reflects us.”

The art gallery will feature the “Cultural Relevance: An Intimate Glimpse” exhibit everyday until April 27 from noon to 4 p.m.