Elected CRC student officials sworn into positions

The newly elected officials of the Cosumnes River College Student Senate were sworn into their positions for the fall semester in front of family, friends and faculty in the Orchard room on April 25.

During the campaigning for their position, each candidate had to get students around the CRC campus to sign a petition in order for them to begin running for the Student Senate. They needed to receive a majority of the votes on election day in order to win the position in office.

“I think they are going to do a great job,” said Student Association Adviser Winnie LaNier. “They worked on writing the bylaws and the constitution for the new structure and that’s very important. They understand the inner workings.”

Each newly elected and newly sworn in official gave a speech after shaking the hands of LaNier and the hands of those who they would be replacing next fall.

“It means I have a choice to make a difference on campus,” said 21-year-old Vice President of the Student Senate Landon Montenegro. “Now as the vice president, I have a voice and I can represent those at CRC.”

Several speeches, including one from CRC President Deborah Travis, followed after each Student Senate council member was sworn in. Each speech stressed the importance of each of their positions and how it takes courage to step up as a leader and be the voice for an entire campus.

 One member is not new to her position.

Student Senate President Christina Alvarado will be serving her second term. This past year, President Alvarado was formerly known as Vice President Alvarado until the active president at the time took an extended leave of absence, leaving Alvarado to fill in the position.

 “It was very much expected,” Alvarado said. “We just didn’t know when it was going to happen. It actually happened sooner than we thought. With the help of Adviser Winnie LaNier, I had presidential training before it happened, so when it did happen, I just ran with it.”

Alvarado also stated how great of an opportunity it is to be elected back to office for another term. She promised to continue to “represent and advocate for the students at the highest level possible.”

“No matter what they do, I’m sure they will exceed all expectations that I have of them,” LaNier said.

See video of the newly sworn in members of the CRC Student Senate toasting with CRC President Debbie Travis.