Gov. Jerry Brown signs act to strengthen community college student success

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Student Success Act of 2012 on Sept. 27 to initiate superior student education and strengthen tomorrows workforce, according to a press release from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

Brown plans to provide a path for college students that was previously missing before the act. The Success Act will help students receive the proper tools and support to earn degrees, certificates or the ability to transfer to a four-year institution.

This reconstruction of education will “make California more competitive economically,” said CCC Acting Chancellor Erik Skinner.

The Student Success Act will not only ensure students receive proper support services at the beginning of their educational experience, but also provides a foundation to expand these services, according to the press release.

The act will guarantee better communication between support services and students in order to increase completion rates in colleges. Campuses will improve their consistency and efficiency by using a statewide system of common assessment, according to the press release.

The law will provide more significant improvements to community colleges seen in over a decade and allow community college systems to refocus their goal to “student success and achievement,” Skinner said.

In order to see this success among our future generation, “we need some much needed changes to the way we educate our students,” Skinner said.