Scholarships aim to help students’ financial woes

Scholarship season has begun at Cosumnes River College and will run until March 8, according to the school’s website.

The campus is offering 91 scholarships in total, which will be given to students on criteria such as GPA, number of units enrolled or completed and major, said Administrative Assistant Robin Montanez, who handles scholarships.

Students may apply for scholarships by completing an application on the CRC website. However, there is a minimum criteria to fulfil which includes a six-unit enrollment at CRC as well as having six units completed as of the Fall 2012 semester.

After entering all the required information on the application, an online search system will match the user with scholarships according to the basic criteria on their application. It is then up to the student to check into the listed scholarships further to see if they meet all criteria, according to the CRC website.

Some scholarships may ask for letters of recommendation. The alternative is requesting a professor, employer or community member to fill out an online recommendation through the CRC website. That person must know the student’s school ID number and last name, according to the CRC website.

Montanez said that approximately 600 students applied last semester, which was an increase from the previous semester.

“We hope that scholarships will help students reach their academic goals,” Montanez said.