DVD lecture series aims to educate on the effects of stress

Learning how stress interacts with different parts of your body, as well as the many effects stress can have on you are the topics covered in a weekly event presented by the Social Responsibility Committee.

“Stress and Your Body” by Professor Robert Sapolsky is aired in the Center for the Advancement of Staff and Student Learning room each Monday from 12 to 1 p.m. Each week a different 30 minute DVD lecture is aired followed by a group discussion on the topic.

“He presents very dense scientific data,” said Sandra Carter, an English as a second language professor. “The discussion is much more experiential based. The last 25 minutes is as interesting as the presentation itself.”

Each week there are a handful of teachers and students who come to watch.

“It’s always different teachers because the topics are different,” Carter said.

Carter said she began watching it on her lunch breaks. A colleague was also interested in watching the series and they began watching it in the SOC conference room.

Other faculty became aware of the series and with the help of Kathy McLain, Dean of college research and planning, the presentation is now being held in the CASSL room.

“It really happened in an unplanned way,” Carter said. “I bought this for myself, I was interested in hearing these concepts.”

Carter said she began airing the lectures in October and will conclude on May 20.