District prepares to make big changes in email service

The Los Rios community college district has chosen to move to Google’s Gmail as its email service of choice after long using its signature iMail.

The change comes after a district committee’s decision that iMail is unfit to keep up with technological advancement. On June 1 iMail will be replaced by Gmail, but students are able to upgrade to Gmail themselves beforehand.

“[iMail] has its limits and we found Gmail provides more storage than iMail and provides our students with a state-of-the-art email experience,” said Kristie West, Cosumnes River College public information officer and a member of the committee.

“There’s the added benefit of Google Apps, which some students will take advantage of,” said West. “This feature will allow students to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations and calendars in a collaborative way.”

For some students, the switch will have little effect on their communication with professors and peers.

“I don’t like iMail or Gmail. I like just having my own email address,” said Rosalie Roth, a 63-year-old art major. “It’s just easier.”

Regardless, West is confident the switch will be beneficial to all who use the district’s email system.

“So far, we’ve had positive feedback,” West said of the current results. “I hope current students will make the change soon and I think they’ll find it a much better experience.”