Doctor and author educates campus on the benefits of a starch filled diet

Living a healthy lifestyle and increasing the chances of a long life are tied back to the very foods we eat.


Ben Brown

Dr. John McDougall speaks during a One Book lecture about healthy eating habits in the Recital Hall on Oct. 23. Copies of McDougall’s book “The Starch Solution” was sold at the event.

Dr. John McDougall, author of the book “The Starch Solution,” spoke to a packed room about how people can benefit from his research in health in the recital hall on Oct. 23.

A massive stroke at the age of 18 and learning the benefits and shortcomings of being a doctor were some of the personal experiences that McDougall shared about his life.

The lecture was mainly about diet and the chances of living a long life through diet and healthy lifestyle, particularly with the consumption of starch-based foods.

Children in our society are sick and overweight, and what motivates kids to live healthy lifestyles is avoiding ridicule, McDougall said.

McDougall’s presentation addressed national trends in diet and shared individual’s success stories in weight loss. There were also slides about certain foods that do and don’t contain starch. He said “Don’t eat rice, it turns to sugar and it makes you fat.”

Humanities Professor Maureen Moore said that she enjoyed the presentation as she thought that it was very informative and funny. She also said that she had already made some changes in her diet.

“I’ve been really trying over the last year or so to really focus on what I eat,” Moore said.

McDougall talked about how certain foods affect people’s diets in different ways, like how fruits provide energy but it’s not as long-term as the energy starch offers. He also discussed carbohydrates and the energy they give people. He said that sugar and carbs are the primary sources of energy.

Rebecca Yawn, a 20-year-old animal science major, attended the lecture towards the end, but she thought that what she saw was very informative. She said that she had already changed her diet but is looking into changing more.

“I have already changed it,” Yawn said. “But I think I would alter it more now after hearing the lecture.”

CRC’s public information officer Kristie West felt that Dr. McDougall did a fantastic job in the presentation and has actually read “The Starch Solution,” a book which helped change her habits.

“After reading ‘The Starch Solution’ a year ago, I changed my health habits,” West said. “While this particular lecture did not change my mind, his philosophy, when I first became acquainted with it a year ago, definitely changed my mind.”