‘Educating students about entrepreneurships while they are young is event goal,’ Phan says

Jordan Maness, Guest Writer

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour came to Cosumnes River College on Nov. 6  to offer advice to students who wanted to be entrepreneurs.

The event was held in the recital hall which was at full capacity, a capacity of 200 people, including students from Valley High School as well.

Enactus, formerly Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE, and their project manager Tonya Peterson, hosted the event.

“We’ve hosted the event here at CRC for the last three years,” Peterson said. “We use to host the event when it was four hours long, many of the speakers related stories of someone that inspired them to do something with their lives and help others.”

While their experiences were different, each of the speakers had something or someone they counted as the inspiration for their entrepreneur status.

“My dad was working 60 to 70 hour work weeks and he was still broke,” said Duane Spires, CEO of KickItUsa. “I took the work ethic I saw from my dad and I wanted to do something special with it.”

Devin Lars, owner of Doing Everything Different, had a more personal inspiration in his life.

“My biggest inspiration was my grandfather,” Lars said. “I was airbrushing t-shirts at my grandfather’s house, one minute he was okay, the next minute he died in my arms.”

Professor Man Phan of the business and family science department said he hopes to expand the Extreme Entrepreneurship to a new level.

“We are setting up an entrepreneurship innovation center next semester,” Phan said. “The goal is to be open by next semester, the safe thing [is] to say the entrepreneurship center will be open by the fall of 2014.”

Professor Phan said there was one thing in mind when it came to the Extreme Entrepreneurship.

“The purpose of the event is to educate students about entrepreneurships while they are young,” Phan said. “We want to show students a road map on how to become young, successful entrepreneurs.”

One of the guest speakers at the event said he wanted to turn his life around after coming back from Iraq.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I came back from Iraq,” said Bill Salsbury the 43-year-old president of the California Veteran Project. “I was tired of the way I was being treated, I could either cry about it or do something about it.”

Salsbury said he created the California Veterans organization to give meaningful employment to veterans coming home from Iraq.

Spires had some additional tips on how to become successful.

“Write down your goals,” Spires said. “If you keep your ideas in your head, than they are just dreams and don’t become anything.”

Another tip Spires had was to get educated about how to be an entrepreneur.

“Read books, take classes, read magazines and look on the internet to see how other people have done it and learn from their mistakes,” Spires said.