Frustrated students react to Higher One ATM problem

Heather Kemp, Staff Writer

Add one more to the list of stresses that students encounter as a college student, as many are upset that the campus Higher One ATM often does not read their cards.

Higher One is the company that disburses student’s financial aid onto their Los Rios Community College District OneCards. Once your financial aid refund has been loaded onto the debit card you are free to use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted or take money out of the account.

“It says that it’s unable to read my card, I have to swipe it about 10 times before it finally works. I’m not able to get money out of the ATM and then I’ve had to go use the Schools [Credit Union] one where they charge you,” said Naomi Jefferson, a 41-year-old early childhood education major.

The Higher One ATM, located next to the financial aid office in the Library Building, is the only one on campus that does not charge students a fee for withdrawing their financial aid money.

“I get frustrated and upset, because some of the times I’m trying to get it done in between classes and it makes you late,” Jefferson said.

Some students like Keiko Lacy, 19, a human services major, have had issues with the ATM on multiple occasions.

“I’ve used it about four times and it messed up three out of four,” she said.

One student said that the ATM needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

“It’s important because sometimes we get hungry and we don’t want to use our card. We want to use cash when we go to the bookstore or we want to use a vending machine, so it’s really important because we need an ATM to get money,”  Lacy said.

Saunders Delaney a 56-year-old real estate major shared similar thoughts.

“I think it’s very important because that’s the only outlet for your financial aid,” he said.

The Financial Aid Office was contacted to see if they were aware of the ATM’s malfunctions, but as of this time they have given no official statement on the matter.

Whether Financial Aid is informed on the situation or not, it is not their responsibility to repair the ATM. Their job is to call Higher One for assistance when problems with the ATM are reported.

“With the first complaint we create a ticket for the ATM mechanic to come out immediately upon receiving the information from any caller. A student or a faculty member can call any time that they see an ATM is malfunctioning and we’ll address it,” said a Higher One representative.

Students should contact Higher One when they encounter problems using the ATM. Higher One’s phone number is located on the back of the LRCCD OneCard.