Update: Parking lot delays arise as campus construction continues


Bobby Bishop

Construction workers expand the Blue Line Light Rail near CRC’s Bruceville Road entrance. Work on the line is scheduled to be completed in September 2015.

Jelina Cortero, Staff Writer

UPDATE 10/01: Originally scheduled to reopen in mid-September, Sept. 19 to be exact, parking lot F has remained closed to students and faculty amidst delays in the continued construction of the Blue Line Light rail extension.

Director of Administrative Services, Augustine Chavez Jr. said via email that issues arose in regards to the American’s with Disabilities Act compliant stalls, causing the delay in re-opening of the lot. Chavez said while the lot would remain closed till the issues are resolved, the plan is to have it open late in the day of Oct. 3.

Original Story Posted 9/24/2014 – As the fall semester began at Cosumnes River College, various new facilities dotted the campus as part of ongoing construction projects that have been in progress for years. One of CRC’s latest projects is the continued construction of the Blue Line light rail extension.

According to CRC’s Green Scene Vol. 4 Issue 2, “the Blue Line to CRC is one of the highest priority transit projects in the region and, once complete, will extend light rail 4.3 miles south from the existing terminus at Meadowview Road.”

“I think the light rail will benefit the students that can’t get to college and aid those who don’t have transportation,” said Joseph Ogaz, a 20-year-old undeclared major. “The school will have a wider range of students, more variety.”

This project is expected to make significant changes and temporary disruptions until its completion.

During its construction, CRC’s east entrance, on Bruceville Rd., was closed this summer until Aug. 20. It is now open for students to come and go, however Lot F will continue to remain closed until Sept. 19.

“The light rail will make it easier to commute to other schools,” said Martha Mendoza, a 20-year-old business major, “But at the same time it’s going to make it a little bit more of a hassle because more people are going to be coming in as well.”

Some students have found no problems with the construction closing off the east entrance and parking lot.

“The construction has not bothered me one bit,” Ogaz said.

However, for others the construction has been a bit more challenging.

“I usually park in the parking lot that’s closed right now so I need to find another spot,” Mendoza said.

CRC has seen a lot of construction lately with many new projects such as the Winn Center and the new multi-level parking structure as well the off campus Elk Grove Center. The parking structure goes hand in hand with the Blue Line project, courtesy of the partnership between CRC and the Sacramento Regional Transit District.

Director of Administrative Services, Augustine Chavez Jr., said that the light rail will have “several impacts to traffic around campus, and once built we do expect more traffic in the mornings and late afternoon commuters, also more pedestrian traffic.”

Besides the traffic complications, the light rail extension and parking structure are planned to serve both the students at CRC and the light rail passengers making CRC a transportation hub, according to CRC’s Green Scene Vol. 4 Issue 2.

The Blue Line Light Rail is a major project and will benefit CRC and impact both staff and student life.

“It will increase access to our campus because it gives employees and students another option to commute to school,” Chavez said.

Of the recent construction projects that CRC has developed, Chavez said the Blue Line Light Rail project is the most significant regional project.

The project is predicted to end in September of 2015.