Associated students appoint new members

Both Tony Tran and Merissa Heredia were well aware of of what the student senate stands for when they decided to run for positions as representatives of the ASCRC.  It is through the Student Senate that we as CRC students are able to connect with the issues and on-goings of our campus that directly affect us.  

Business Finance Major, Tony Tran, 18,  said he is  qualified to serve as Director of Finance for the Club and Events Board because he already possesses previous experience with S.S. leadership from his time in high school.  

“Students have to step up for leadership roles and make things happen” Tran said. “I can connect with the students and put their ideas to use.”   

Biology Science Major Merissa Heredia, also 18 years old, said she wants to, “Get that hawk spirit up and get people going to more events. I want to make communication more personal with the students.”  

Heredia said that she was prompted to run for Secretary of the Club and Events Board, because she seen the lack of communication between students, and those in charge. “It’ll be much better for us to get personal interaction instead of only email correspondence,” Heredia said.  

The primary purpose of the Associated Students of Cosumnes River College is to serve as a representative entity that participates in the shared governance of the College and the Los Rios Community College District as well as advocate for the common interests of students.  

Elections Chair Denisha Bland was just recently appointed to her position.  She has been a student ambassador since the spring semester.  

“I felt as, my walk in CRC was really hard for me and I wanted to be someone who helped out other students,” Bland said.

Bland said that election promotion of the candidates, was solely up to them. This election was promoted primarily through tables, flyers and forum discussion, like the one on Sept. 17, where the candidates were given the opportunity to answer questions from their fellow students, as well as voice their goals and intentions.

There were 219 votes cast for the candidates. Heredia, received a total of 182 yes votes and Tran received a total of 186 yes votes.  

The secondary portion of the voting was for the passing of Measure A.  Unlike the votes cast for the candidates, the votes for Measure A, were obtained from all four campuses across the Los Rios District.  

Of the total amount of votes cast for the measure there were 3,611 votes in favor versus 135 opposed.  Now that Measure A has been passed the Universal Transit Pass will continue to be offered to CRC students for the current cost of less than $40 per semester.