Funds Frozen for Healthcare Provider

Your source to reproductive health care is being destroyed. In fact, Planned Parenthood may be the only access many people have to health care.

For over 100 years, Planned Parenthood has provided reproductive health products and services through an estimated 700 health care centers in the U.S. and over 13 countries in Latin America and Africa. These services have tremendously helped all cultures in every community they are serving. Yet the government is ready to take down this vital organization without a second thought.

On Sept. 18 the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to freeze federal funding to Planned Parenthood for one year, according to The Hill, a news organization that covers Congress, Capitol Hill and the White House.

The Hill goes on to state that nearly all the House’s Republicans voted to block funding with only two Democrats voting to approve the legislation.

The real reason this legislation was proposed was due to a total of 10 “undercover” videos that surfaced in the last few weeks.

The Center of Medical Progress, an anti-abortion non-profit organization, publicly released several edited videos of private meetings and events hosted by Planned Parenthood. It was all very shocking and it seemed legitimate until Federal Judge William Orrick demanded CMP to hand over their evidence.

In the past week, The Hill and news correspondents from Yahoo have reported just how desperate CMP was in obtaining materials against abortion services administered by Planned Parenthood.

Not only did CMP place hidden cameras in Planned Parenthood facilities, but they also committed crimes of fraud and false identity by posing as medical research company buyers to gain access into Planned Parenthood events.

To make themselves look even more suspicious, CMP’s founder, David Daleiden, briefly stated in court that they are pleading the fifth amendment, the right to refuse answering a question to prevent self-incrimination, when prompted to hand over all evidence in the case against Planned Parenthood.

The National Abortion Federation sued CMP and Daleiden against their claims of illegal tissue selling on July 31.

Vicki Sporta, president of NAF, was very pleased with CMP’s plea, according to a statement reported by The Hill.

It’s telling that the defendants have been very vocal in the media saying that they have nothing to hide, yet in Federal court they want to plead the Fifth,” Saporta said.

Even more brow-raising is that Daleiden gave Republican Congressmen Trent Franks and Tim Murphy the videos two weeks prior to their public release, according to Roll Call, a newspaper that reports on Capitol Hill. Sounds like a set-up scheme to me.

Various states like Indiana have allowed their health departments to conduct investigations within their state line Planned Parenthood centers and have so far found no illegal misconduct whatsoever, according to Yahoo.

Word from several news outlets is that the U.S. government is expecting a shut-down again. Once again the GOP seems to have made ruckus and now rushes to close their doors before the controversial storm takes off with them included.

All I can say is, book appointments now and get what you need until subsidized rates start to soar and you’re pretty much screwed.