LRCCD to allow students to retake placement tests

The Los Rios Community College District will allow students to retake their placement tests 30 days after the first time taking it, regardless of any college(s) they attended prior to Cosumnes River College and regardless of whichever assessment tests they plan to take, according to an email sent by the LRCCD.

Students take the placement tests before registering for college courses to determine their English reading, Writing, and Math levels. Previously, students were not allowed to retake the tests, but they were able to petition to retake them though it was not guaranteed they would be able to.

This new rule will give students the opportunity to do better, said Student Services Supervisor Salena Mamuyac.

This new rule for all Los Rios campuses will give students a second chance to study and achieve a better score.

“I’m kind of disappointed that I got set back at least one math class and for some people who got mad at the same situation that I did, it’ll be great for them,” said 19-year-old, computer science major Trevor Donovan.

The Los Rios District has had different rules for every college regarding the placement test but now with this new rule put in play it will help align district practices.

Health major Gary Gill, 18 years old, said he did not score so well on his first placement test and plans on retaking it.

“It [had] been four months since I did math and I didn’t really remember,” Gill said. “For example, I was so out of it after vacation that I couldn’t even remember what a fraction symbol looked like.”

Gill said he wants to retake his placement test because of how much it will benefit him.

“Maybe with a light review, if I take it now I could probably get into the right math class,” Gill said. “I could probably land in a higher math class and I can do higher level transferable units and transfer sooner.”