Students will participate in a model U.N. in San Francisco

Student delegates of the club called Model United Nations, advised by Political Science department chair Martin Morales, will be preparing to attend a Conference where they will represent the People’s Republic of China April 15-18.

There, will be 13 student delegates who will be in attendance at the Conference in San Francisco, Burlingame, for four days where they will be speaking to an audience of 100 counselors about China’s climate stability.

“The conference is set-up with an agenda each time, and this time, it’s sustainable developments, so concerning everything from climate change, poverty, environmental concerns, anything that pretty much falls under that category,” Said Olivia Askins, a 24 year old international relations major, and President of the Model U.N on campus. “Even further than that, there’s sub issues for each committee that fall under that greater category of sustainable environment, and within all of that, there are multiple papers, policy papers, and committee profiles.”

In 2014, CRC’s Model U.N. attended the conference representing the country of Morocco, and was one of the 15 participating colleges to win the Slanczka Award for Diplomacy out of 85 colleges that attended.

This year, the delegates met beforehand with ambassadors of the PRC at Burlingame on March 25, and were welcomed with open arms by a receiving line. They were presented with an abundance of information to aid in their research on the topic presented, as well as to get an overall historical and social idea of China, in preparation for the April conference.

Morales, who said he advises but doesn’t lead discussions and meetings between the student delegates, expressed his thoughts on the upcoming three day event.

“My anticipation for the conference is that my students are going to have a tremendous opportunity to learn and experience diplomacy first hand,” Morales said. “It’ll also teach them life skills that, really, we’re not in a position to teach in a classroom.”

Even so, some of the students are feeling anxious with departure looming ever so near. And are trying to mentally prepare.

“Honestly, just kinda trying to take it day by day, making sure I have all my ducks in a row,” Said Brittany Cox, a 22 year old pre-med and international relations major.

The participants said that they try to remain positive no matter the outcome of the event.

“In my head all I keep saying is, ‘you are amazing!’” Said 24-year-old Adalyn Makihele, nursing major and next year’s president of Model U.N. “Because if I say anything else than that, I think I’ll be a little scared.”