Campus hosts largest career fair in its history


Eb Arreola

Plenty of vendors were out offering opportunities to students on April 27. This was the largest career fair the campus has put on since the start of the program.

The campus partook in its largest career fair this past week. The event was from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the quad on April 27.

Work in the radio industry, join PepsiCo, be a personal trainer, or work on the register at Chick- Fil- A. These were some of the jobs presented in April’s career fair on campus.

There was an even greater amount of companies offering jobs than previous years due to the efforts of Career Specialist Courtnee Mack of the career center who just started working at CRC in November of last year.

Her main goal was to get as many companies as she could to talk to students as well as various companies that cater to a great deal of majors on campus.

“It’s different opportunities.You get to see what’s available in the local area and abroad,” said 28-year-old electrical engineering major Tyler Perez.

Mack said she invited as many employers as she could by going as far as meeting the Human Resource managers of the potential career fair affiliates.

“I found a list of employers that they invited in 2014, so we invited them  and I told my student workers, “hey, anybody that you think would be appropriate to be here and that would offer jobs to our students, go ahead and find out who their Human Resource manager is cuz I want to talk to them”,” said Mack.

A lot of students were excited to see careers that pertained to their major and happy that there was a wide range of employer booths to pick from.

“It opens doors for all the students, gives them options of what careers to take and what’s available,” said 25-year-old nursing major Nina Pulanco. “I think it’s great that they showcase all these different careers, it’s awesome.”

Mack said she is very excited to hear about how having the career fair on campus makes an impact on students.  Some students have come up to her expressing their need of a job and how because of the employers coming out, they now have interviews set up.

Some employers were not only handing out fliers but handing out coupons as well for their businesses.

An employee of the Communication, Visual and Performing Arts Department, CVPA, even commented on the good of the career fair for the students.

Clerk Tiara Smith said, “It gives students an opportunity to explore their career goals.  A lot of students, when they’re coming to college, they kinda don’t know what they want to get into, so this gives them the opportunity to gain the information.”

The event was so big that Mack said the school had to borrow five tables from Sacramento City College who were kind enough to lend them for the day. She said she didn’t want to turn down any last minute employers.

She also said that a lot of the employers complimented our campus for its beauty and commented how this is the best career fair they’ve ever been to.

To attract attention Mack set up a raffle with items from CRC and items the employers donated to raffle off. By the end of the day, the jar was filled.

A South Sacramento resident and his wife came out for the career fair.

“You save time and you get more information at one place, so this is really good,” said 35-year-old Emtoj Bajwa.

Mack said that her career center student workers made this event happen and one of the biggest events CRC has seen yet.

“A lot of students tend to drop out of school because they have to work, so this is a great opportunity for them to find student friendly employers that know that the students are students and are willing to work around their schedule,” said Mack.