College Center extends to new facility

A new college center is scheduled to be constructed, and finished by Oct. 29 at Cosumnes River College and will bring services across campus into one building to better aid new students and make things easier for returning students.

“So you’re going to have Admissions and Records, the Student Access Center, Counseling and Assessment will all be available on the 1st floor,” said Augustine Chavez, director of administrative services. “The second floor will be the Transfer Center, Extended Opportunity Program and Services, and the president’s office.”

This new center is going to be a one-stop shop to take care of anything a first year student or returning student may need to start their semester off right at CRC.

The expansion won’t just house services, but it will also be home to a new social space.

“There’s going to be stadium-style seating, but more stairwells, so think of a stairwell, but to the right of it are seats. At tthe bottom, there’s going to be charging stations for people to connect up laptops; I think it’ll be the hub of the building,” said Chavez.

“I want to clarify, this project is going to be an expansion of the college center,” said CRC President Edward Bush. “So we are not creating a brand new building, but we’re creating a new extension.”

The base of the college center is going to remain where it is and the services in it will move when construction is complete.

Many of the members of the faculty and staff are looking forward to the new building.

“I think it’ll be awesome,” said Derek Allenby, a career center specialist. “I think it will be convenient to have all of the student services in one place as opposed to having them go all over.”

“When you think of it through the lens of a brand new student, you come in and you go in to Admissions and Records, then we have to direct you to the library to go for Financial Aid and you come back here and pay your fees and you might have to see a counselor,” said Bush. “You’re going to different places across the college; it’s difficult for us to hand you off right. Now in the same building, we walk down the hall with you to get what you need.”

Some of the students were concerned that the construction of the new center would affect the cost of things on campus like tuition and cost of classes.

“No, the center won’t affect the tuition or anything like it whatsoever,” said Bush.

The staff said they are confident in the new buildings functionality and believe it will be of great assistance to students in the future.

“I hope that lobby area really does become a place where people feel comfortable to sit down to study or just to hangout,” said Augustine Chavez. “Ultimately, we hope it helps students get what they need done.”