Organizations impart advice on job opportunities and related services on campus

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency as well as CalWORKS brought their knowledge, wisdom and their drive to help people at Cosumnes River College on Friday.

CalWORKS was founded in 1896 and is a program that offers cash aid for men and women with children under the age of 18. SETA has been around since 1978 and focuses on connecting you to career opportunities in your field of study.

“You don’t need any experience, only the passion and desire,” said Antwaun Billoups from SETA.

CalWORKS, Volunteers of America and SETA all came to CRC on Friday to talk and give advice about different opportunities to acquire jobs and the help that is offered right here at CRC.

Billoups is right here on campus and invites any students to come and chat with him on Mondays or Thursdays about anything they have questions about or if they need help with job opportunities. Billoups is able to help create solid resumes that will appeal to any industry you are interested in.

“We look at every student and their individual needs and situations,” Billoups.

Billoups also encourages people to join his email blast where he sends out various job opportunities for everyone. He also sends jobs to individual people about certain companies that will benefit students.

For example, Billoups is a big fan of Amazon Flex, which starts with a pay at $18 an hour to deliver packages.

“The great thing about Amazon Flex is that you can set up your schedule and choose when you want to work it, kind of like Uber,” said Billoups.

Chris Mann from CalWORKS said that he asks himself, “How do we get people with special skills back into the workforce?” Mann doesn’t want to only help people with short term solutions, CalWORKS wants to provide people with long term jobs and solutions.

“One of the things that makes us special is that we find out what the business is looking for and figure out how to get people there.”

Rick Armlin from Volunteers of America said another one of their goals is to help veterans and address issues they face.

“We want to help veterans get back into society,” said Armlin.

Volunteers for America will collaborate with whoever they need to in order to get veterans the help they need and deserve.

“The current suicide rate for veterans is 22+ a day,” said Armlin. “We try to bring that number down in any way we can.”

Pat Fitzgerald who is also a member of Volunteers of America emphasized on the fact that the jobs and opportunities that are provided are all full time jobs and opportunities.

Fitzgerald also mentioned that confidentiality is extremely important for them and that they consider that to be their top priority. Not everyone is comfortable with announcing or even having people know that they receive aid in any way and Volunteers of America is very aware of that and accommodate people’s wants and needs.

Wesley Colter from Volunteers of America made a huge statement and said that, “The average wage for people our company helps is $15.70.”

Colter was also very proud to say that many union jobs are offered and found for people. The jobs that Volunteers of America focusses on are customer service and admin jobs that develop skills that will transfer over to other potential jobs and even everyday life.

Volunteers of America has more than 150 contracts with companies that can help find the right job for you.

“One of our biggest goals is to provide jobs that provide self sufficiency,” said Colter. Getting people back on track and on their feet is a huge focus for Volunteers of America.

“This is kind of like a dating game where we match you to what you need and want, said Colter along with the other members.