Anthropology department hosts celebration of Darwin and Valentine’s Day


Kainoa Nunez

In room LRC-103 Anthropology professor Anastasia Panagakos, middle, is writing her love note for the event on Feb. 14. for “Anthro Day of Love.” That the Department of Anthropology hosted for their students.

The Anthropology department hosted an “Anthro Day of Love” event to celebrate World Anthropology Day, Charles Darwin’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.

The colorful event, that was being held in LRC-103, was done in honor of the study of anthropology Wednesday afternoon.

Nikoletta Karapanos, a 19-year-old anthropology major, was one of the students who attended this event. “I thought it was interesting how they put Anthropology Day, Valentine’s Day and Charles Darwin’s birthday together,” said Karapanos.

The room filled up quickly as students came by to celebrate the event with their friends and professors.

“I would like students to take an appreciation for humankind, anthropology and science,” said Anthropology Professor Amanda Paskey. “We want students to realize that science is fun!”

Students were able to take selfies with a cardboard cutout of Darwin himself, enjoy delicious homemade brownies and cookies. Students wrote little love notes to post on a whiteboard dedicated to anthropology.

“We like to use this event as a lighthearted way to celebrate all things human,” said Anthropology Professor Anastasia Panagakos. “It is an opportunity for us to share our lab with students, and also, we like to party!”

Students who walked into the crowded room were given the chance to take a “You Don’t Know Darwin” quiz. The short, five question quiz was filled with obscure and humorous questions about Charles Darwin. The students who answered the most questions correctly were given prizes provided by the professors.

Thao Tran, a 23-year-old nursing major, was one of the quiz winners.

“It feels great to be a winner of the contest, especially when I didn’t know any of it! I gained some new friends today, and I learned a lot about Darwin,” said Tran.