Campus offers information to students with undecided majors

The campus held an event titled “Undecided but You can Fight it” on April 16 in the cafeteria to help students that have undecided majors find ones that are suitable for them when attending college.

The event was planned and organized by Cosumnes River College student ambassadors from the Student Life and Leadership Center.

“A lot of people coming to college do not know what they want to do,” said 22-year-old computer major Jasmin Cornejo, who was also one of the organizers. “We want to help them decide what their majors should be.”

Along the hallway, different departments were tabling information for students on what majors they had to offer.

“This is a good place to stop by and see what CRC has offered in terms of degree and certificate programs,” said Outreach Specialist Traci Scott. “For example, architecture design technology is a great program; the job outlook for this is really good, the payment is good and a lot people do not know about it.”

Andrea Hader, a 25-year-old  social science major, visited the event and said that all the faculties were very nice and knowledgeable.

“They were willing to listen to any questions that I asked and talked to me about the resources they have,” Hader said.

However, when talking about what should be improved in the future, there were still some concerns.

“I’m not sure how well-publicized the event was,” said Scott. “Maybe some faculty members offer extra credits or they would bring their classes through, so they actually get to come in.”

On the perspective as a student, Hader said that there weren’t any professors joining the event. She suggested there should be professors and some speakers who would talk about their experience in CRC.

Getting other departments involved in this event was one of the difficulties that the organizers faced. Cornejo said it would have been  cool if the organizers could have planned and told the departments about it sooner, recommending the beginning of the spring semester.

Nevertheless, the event still took place as planned and Cornejo said the result she expected was to expose students to what we have on campus and what majors CRC offers.

Hader expressed her expectation that this event should be held twice a year because it is helpful to students.