Academic Senate officers resign before spring semester begins

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Academic Senate Secretary Donnisha Lugo resigned effective immediately on Dec. 14 and Vice President Constance Carter resigned effective on Dec. 20.

With the resignation of Carter, she will no longer be able to take on the presidency for the Academic Senate next semester.

“Due to the continual, nefarious actions of the Past President, I am resigning effective immediately,” said Lugo in her resignation email that was sent out to faculty members.

Due to the continual, nefarious actions of the Past President, I am resigning effective immediately”

— Donnisha Lugo

All three of the Academic Senate officers have resigned this month, leaving Biology Professor Julie Oliver to take over and carry out the remainder of the presidency next semester. Oliver previously served as president from 2015 to 2017.

The Professional Development Committee has proposed a faculty retreat for all current and previous Academic Senate members in Spring 2019, according to an email sent to Academic Senate members.

The Professional Development Committee is another participatory governance committee on campus that is designated to “plan, coordinate and provide financial support for a variety of activities that engage faculty, staff and administrators in an active and creative intellectual life,” according to their page on the school website.

A special Academic Senate meeting will be held on Jan. 16 to try and seat an Interim Academic Senate President, with the guidance of representatives from the Los Rios District Academic Senate and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

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