Extended testing is needed, students with disabilities say

Disability Support Programs and Services offers services for students with disabilities.

Keith Ellis, the student personal assistant for DSPS, said the program provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

“The eligibility for DSPS is for students to provide a verified disability documentation,” Ellis said. “The documents we accept include a physical exam or a 504 plan.”

Students with disabilities utilize the extended testing time provided that the student service has to offer.

Suzie Goodenough, a 53-year old behavioral science major, said DSPS has benefited her learning challenges tremendously.

“DSPS has benefited me with testing accommodations that help me have a quite non distracting environment,” Goodenough said. “The time to complete my exams work better for my learning style.”

Termar Moore, a 21-year-old aviation major, said he has has been part of DSPS since he enrolled CRC in fall 2016.  He said DSPS has provided him with countless resources to help him succeed in the classroom.

Peter Greene states in his article that extended test and accommodations made by college programs may be affected as an effect of the college scheme scandal.

Fifty families, some including celebrities like Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”) and Lori Loughlin (“Full House”) are facing possible charges when evidence revealed in March that these families were apart of a college admissions scheme.

Federal prosecutors said these families that involved either cheated on standardized tests or bribed colleges coaches and school officials to getting their children into these highly respected school. 

Both Moore and Goodenough are not happy with the possibility of test times being reduced.

“The time component plays a significant role in my success in the classroom,” Moore said. “If my allotted time got cut, I probably would not have enough time to finish the entire exam and therefore would struggle academically.”

Goodenough also said extended testing is important to her.

“The time component for me is especially important because I have extreme test anxiety,” said Goodenough. “I have in the past broken out in hives, thrown up and passed out. I would have anxiety issues and wouldn’t be able complete the exams so passing the class would be impossible for me.”

Ellis said he has feels troubled about the actions families took to get their children into college and how it could affect students with actual disability.

“I feel very upset and angry because they exploited a vulnerable population and raises the question if they really have disability,” said Ellis said.

Ellis said that luckily, a scandal like that could never happen on campus. He said that documentation is verification of disability and it can be hard to forge these documents.

Ultimately, Ellis said DSPS still takes all the necessary actions and provides the necessary tools for students with disability to succeed in their educational career.