Event focuses on the ethics of having children

Cosumnes River College will be having their 14th annual Fall Ethics Symposium partnering with Sacramento State University on Nov. 18 to 19.

The year’s symposium will discuss the political, economic, ethical and legal issues regarding the decision to have and raise children. 

“The Fall Ethics Symposium is the result of collaboration and engagement with the campus community,” said Rick Schubert, the executive director of the event. “The purpose of the event is to provide students with exposure to the kind of academic events which is very central to professional development.”

The event is free and open to the general public. The fall ethics symposium welcomes students, faculty, and administrators to participate. Schubert said that students are the largest demographic present at the symposium and that it provides meaningful professional development to faculty and administrators.  

The symposia has a total of six sessions. Three sessions held at Sac State and three different sessions held at CRC. Guest speakers from different universities will lead a session allowing for a new discussion each time.

“We are interested in engaging the campus community in discussion of current topics of ethics that seem particularly relevant to who we are and what is going on in our society,” said Schubert.

Schubert said the event has a good reputation and generally draws an audience of 600 or more people. The Fall Ethics Symposium gives students, faculty, and administrators an opportunity to share their perspectives on current topics of ethics that seem relevant to what is going on in our society.

“Not all of our speakers agree with each other,” said Kyle Swan, Sac State’s CPPE director. “They will challenge and disagree with each other.” 

Swan said they want to show that there are ways to discuss their differences and show that despite differences and political, ethical principles, people can talk about these things in a civilized way.

He said the topics chosen for the symposia are challenging and can be hard for some people to talk about. Policing and immigration were topics from the previous ethics symposiums and are examples of topics that still hold value today.

“We try to both identify themes that are timely and themes that will have direct value,” said Schubert. “We want to make sure that the topics feel like they’re coming out of the news today, and they are of enduring interest.”

Schubert said the guest speakers have been chosen carefully and invited based on their accessibility to a general audience as well as their ability to engage and answer tough questions. 

“I’m looking forward to see filled seats and lots of questions,” said Swan. “I want to see the speakers’ seats on fire. I want to see students ask questions to the speakers and earn their suffering.”

For more information regarding the fall ethics symposium reach out to Professor Schubert by email [email protected], or visit his office located in the Southeast Office Complex Building room 116. 

The first day of the event will be held at Sac State and the second day will be held at CRC in the Recital Hall. The event starts at 8:30 a.m. for a continental breakfast.