Online learning resources available for fall semester

As a result of classes this fall semester continuing to be online due to COVID-19, the Los Rios District will continue to provide different resources for students to use while at home.
During the sudden transition to online classes in the spring 2020 semester, the district was able to provide resources such as high-speed internet, Chromebooks, resources provided by the CRC library and equipment for specific classes.
“We have a large student population that is challenged socio-economically, many of our students have young children, parents or others who they are caring for at home, plus students who are working at jobs that are considered essential workers,” said Andi Adkins-Pogue, the CRC librarian. “I think we need to do our best to try to offer as much as we can to help students be successful.”
For the Chromebooks that are able to be checked out, Adkins-Pogue said not everyone is able to qualify for one.
“The district office took over deciding which students would qualify and the criteria they used were if students qualified for a Promise Grant and were enrolled in at least six units for new students or if they are continuing students who have the same Promise Grant, were enrolled in at least 12 units, and didn’t already have a Chromebook,” said Adkins-Pogue.
As for the high-speed internet offered by the district through Comcast, there are also requirements to acquire this resource, said Adkins-Pogue.
In an FAQ provided by the library, it says in order to be eligible for the high-speed internet you need to be enrolled as a student, be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or California Dream Act and not already be a Comcast customer.
This will mean students in the Folsom Lake area are not able to access this resource since Comcast does not cover that area, said Adkins-Pogue.
The CRC library will also be providing their own set of resources for students to access remotely, said Adkins-Pogue.
“The library will be continuing to offer virtual and phone research appointments, so if students need help doing research, help with citations, or looking for sources then they can meet through Zoom one-on-one with a librarian or if they are not comfortable with that we can do it over the phone,” said Adkins-Pogue.
Along with this, there will be an instructional assistant in the computer lab who will be doing instructional tech support appointments with students, said Adkins-Pogue.
“If a student has received a Chromebook and they need some help, they’re just not familiar with Canvas, or if they need help with Los Rios Google Docs then those kinds of things are available for an instructional assistant appointment,” said Adkins-Pogue.
With different programs, there will be access to a virtual lab where students can access certain software required for those courses.
“Let’s say there’s a student taking statistics class and they need access to specialized software that analyzes data sets.” said Adkins-Pogue. “then they will have access to a virtual lab with that specialized software.”
This can be very beneficial for certain programs on campus, as it is for the arts, media, and entertainment programs.
Students in these programs were given resources like different cameras for the photography students and instruments for the music students, said Interim Dean of Arts, Media and Entertainment Ryan Cox.
Students within these programs who do not have access to a computer and can’t obtain the higher software needed for these classes are being offered Chromebooks and tablets in order to succeed in their classes, said Cox.
The checkouts are being done in the CRC parking lot where proper COVID-19 procedures are being followed, said Cox.
Cox is especially thankful for the arts, media, and entertainment staff with obtaining these resources over the summer in order to help students.
“Every single faculty member worked their tail off this summer,” said Cox. “I talked to them every day to try to figure out how can we teach this class online. What software do we need? How can we help the students out?”
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