Campus hosts virtual transfer week


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More information on what is going on this week for Virtual Transfer Week.

Virtual Transfer Week at Cosumnes River College kicks off this week and continues through Thursday, and will allow students to learn about more than 50 transferable universities, according to the CRC website.
These four days will consist of different universities, with the first day which was dedicated to Sacramento State University, day two for independent or private universities, University of California day on day three, and lastly California State University day.
“There are so many moving pieces that transfer day, transfer week or any transfer event is helpful in mystifying that process and tailoring it so the student has more information to know what they need to get in (admitted to a university),” said Counselor and Transfer Center Director Megan Neves.
There are a lot of myths, confusion and assumptions about transferring and this week is key to helping students understand what they need to do in order to attend the university they want, said Neves.
Although this event will be virtual as opposed to in-person, there will be a benefit to this format as it gives an opportunity for universities who can’t normally send a representative to campus for this event to be present during the virtual presentations, said Emily Barkley, the SPA for the Transfer Center.
The University of California at Los Angeles will participate this year, and that has only happened once after the many years she has been in the transfer center, said Barkley.
Along with UCLA, Barkley said the University of Southern California and Pepperdine University are other universities that will attend the virtual transfer week for the first time.
Students who wish to attend can RSVP through the CRC website, said Barkley. Although students who didn’t RSVP are still able to attend through the zoom links posted on the CRC website, said Neves.
During the process of setting up these events, Barkley said it was daunting because of how unfamiliar it was to her to set up an event like this virtually, but felt confident the Transfer Center staff could get it done.
“We are in extraordinary times, but having all of the Transfer Center on board and on the Los Rios campuses made it seem like it could be done,” said Barkley.
This event is essential for many students to obtain information in order to transfer, so it was important to keep this event going even if it meant doing it virtually, said Neves.
“We really didn’t want to let students down and we wanted to provide at least something for CRC students and students across the district,” said Neves.
The information obtained from this event can help students go to the Transfer Center or to their counselor to figure out what path they need to take to get to a certain university or if it is a good pathway for that student, said Barkley.
For any questions students may have about transferring, students can email the Transfer Center at [email protected] or call them directly at (916) 691-7470. The Transfer Center also has drop-in zoom meetings on Wednesdays from noon to 2 p.m. and Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., said Neves.
“We’re here for you guys, we’re trying to be here in any avenue that we can and we want to support you to get you guys where you want to be,” said Neves.