TimelyCare offers health care services for students


Asyah Zamani

TimelyCare, a telehealth company, offers free medical and mental health care services to Los Rios students. Students can make an appointment over the phone, online or by any mobile device they have.

A new telehealth company is available to offer free medical and mental health services to all Los Rios students.
TimelyCare, the telehealth company, can help students address common conditions that can be safely diagnosed and treated remotely, according to the TimelyCare website.
“TimelyCare appointments are only done remotely,” College Nurse Michelle Barkley said.
Students can make appointments over the phone, online or by any other mobile device that they have.
Barkley said students are allowed to be a part of TimelyCare as long as they are enrolled at Cosumnes River College.
“If you are taking a unit and you have a CRC ID and you’re currently enrolled, it’s for you,” Barkley said.
Barkley explained how students, who are a part of TimelyCare, can get short-term medication.
“It’s meant to get you out of a particular situation that you have whether you need support or help,” Barkley said. “If you do need medication, they can get that for you.”
Barkley said TimelyCare would help any student if they have any questions related to COVID-19.
“If a student calls and asks a COVID-19 related question, a professional would definitely be willing to help and a nurse or doctor, too if they have any COVID-19 symptoms,” Barkley said.
Associate Vice President of Strategic Communication Lisa Albert said how long students can have access to TimelyCare.
“We have a contract with your school and as long as the contract is good, the students have access to TimelyCare,” Albert said.
Along with medical and mental health care, Albert said there are generic services that TimelyCare offers as well.
“We offer medical and mental health care services both on demand and scheduled, but we also offer health coaching,” Albert said. “And that treats things like nutrition, better sleep habits and exercise programs to create a healthier lifestyle.”
Along with making an appointment over the phone, students can use the TimelyCare app to make appointments, as well. LRCCD Mental Health and Wellness Interim Director Chase Moore explained how students can do this.
“Students enter their email address on the login and the next thing students will see is where it says to start a visit,” Moore said.
Moore discussed how students can receive their medication by choosing the pharmacy, either on the app or over the phone.
“The student selects the pharmacy, and they must select the pharmacy before having a visit with one of the timely license professionals,” Moore said.
“Mental and medical health care is an important topic to deal with right now,” Moore said.” To learn more information about TimelyCare’s services, insert url for website: https://timely.md/schools/index.html?school=LRCCD