Faculty discuss returning to teach on-ground classes


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Some of Cosumnes River College’s classes are on-ground this fall. The classes that have returned on-ground include photography, music performance classes, theater, television production and automotive classes.

After more than a year of being done online, about 10% of Cosunmes River College’s courses return as hybrid classes on-ground this fall.
Among the classes that returned to campus are some of the photography classes, music performance classes, theater classes, television production and automotive classes.
Theater Arts Professor Martin Flynn said his stagecraft is available on campus, but it is his lab portion of his class.
“We are only doing our lab classes on the ground right now,” Flynn said. “So, we’re doing our lectures online and we’re teaching our hands-on lab and acting classes on the grounds, too.”
Flynn said his students were very excited to hear his lab portion of the class was able to be back on campus.
“I think about three-quarters of my stagecraft students are excited about that,” Flynn said. “And about the other quarter opted for the online lab.”
Flynn explained how he has missed teaching certain lessons in person because it’s not the same experience online.
“Stagecraft class is something that I really miss,” Flynn said. “Even though I’ve been teaching a version of it online, it’s not the same as being in the scene shop and actually building and painting.”
Photography Professor Patty Felkner discussed the hardest part about teaching photography online rather than being on-campus.
“How can you convert to a dark room online when students aren’t going to be in a dark room in person?” Felkner said.
Felkner shared some details about her photography class being featured online or on the ground in October.
“I’m going back to campus the second week in October”, Felkner said. “And I count four classes that will be meeting in the lab every other week.”
While parts of some classes are on campus, there are some classes that are fully back on ground.
Automotive Professor Kevin Rogers said his class is one of the classes that is fully back on campus.
“We are a face-to-face environment,” Rogers said. “The only thing I don’t like doing is wearing a mask.”
Rogers said there isn’t anything that he didn’t like about teaching on-ground now after the past year. Rogers said last year was the worst time he’s ever had being an automotive professor at CRC.
“I hated teaching online last year,” Rogers said.
For any information that you have about which classes are available on grounds, go to your eServices account and look up classes that will be available in the fall and the spring.