October marks the beginning of Internship Info Month


Asyah Zamani

Internship Info Month will begin during the month of October. Internship Info Month will have a variety of internships from Oct. 4- Oct. 20.

The Work Experience and Internship Program will be hosting Internship Info Month during October.
Internship Info Month will include three weeks of information sessions and skills workshops for a variety of internships from Oct. 4 to Oct. 20. The Cosumnes River College Work Experience and Internship Program internship developer, Cameron Whitfield, said the events aim to inform students about local internship opportunities and the organizations that provide them.
“Internship Info Month is a districtwide event with our work experience program,” Whitfield said. “These are virtual sessions where we have a number of employers come in to talk about their internship programs.”
The Work Experience and Internship Program operates to help students gain work and internship experience through classwork provided at CRC and internship opportunities with local companies and organizations.
“Doing an internship gives you that firsthand knowledge of being in the industry, being in the position, being able to talk to people who have gone to school,” said Amy Avalos, career counselor and department chair of the Work Experience Program. “If students do an internship, it’ll help bridge their education to their career.”
Internship Info Month is one way that the program seeks to inform students about the opportunities available to them and to help them find jobs related to their majors.
Whitfield said some of the larger employers participating in the month-long event include SMUD, Caltrans and Intel. Each of these employers will hold separate online meetings to discuss their mission and present job opportunities for students.
The California Intern Network will also hold an information session for students who may be interested in internship opportunities, but are unsure of where to start looking.
In addition to these information seminars, the Work Experience and Internship Program will hold workshops to help students develop a variety of skills. These workshops will include how to build a resume, how to navigate the LinkedIn networking app and more.
Students who attend the events will be able to learn about both paid and unpaid internship opportunities, as well as what these internships may require of them in order to apply.
Whitfield said students who do not feel ready to apply for an internship yet can still benefit from attending the workshops and sessions.
“You can at least go to the session and figure out what is needed so that way, you can spend the time to get ready for it for the next round,” Whitfield said.
Students can learn more about Internship Info Month as well as the Work Experience and Internship Program on the official CRC website.
In addition to this site, students can also use the Handshake app, which is CRC’s official job and internship platform, to register for Internship Info Month events.