Los Rios district delays campus return due to rising COVID-19 cases


Canva Image by Rianne Herrera

The Los Rios Community College District has delayed the return to campus again to Feb. 22. “Difficult to convert” classes are the exception to this and returned on Jan. 31.

Los Rios Community College District has announced they have temporarily moved and plan for other in-person classes to return Feb. 22.

This announcement comes after COVID-19 cases have risen in the Sacramento area. The district is taking precaution and delaying classes from coming back on ground to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“Difficult to convert” classes are science labs, arts classes and other lab/activity classes that were allowed to return to campus on Jan. 31. The full list of returned classes can be found on the reopening website.

“Other lecture classes and courses that do not fall into the “impossible to convert” or ‘difficult to convert’ categories (about 2,500 sections districtwide) will remain online through Presidents’ Day weekend, with the goal of resuming in-person instruction in those classes on Tuesday, February 22”, according to the email sent to all students and staff.

Student services have also planned to return back on-campus Feb. 22.

Along with discussing the campus shut down, the email also talks about booster shots and that the district continues “to strongly encourage everyone in our college communities to get their COVID-19 booster shot.”

With the boosters being highly recommended, the district also recommends everyone wear N95 masks.

“We continue to strongly recommend that all students and employees who are on campus use surgical masks or higher-level respirator N95 or KN95 masks as opposed to cloth masks or any other face covering providing less protection” according to the email.

CRC also offers COVID testing on campus in the cafeteria for those who would like to get tested or feel any symptoms. Students and staff can schedule an appointment online.