The Spring 2022 scholarship season requirements


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Scholarship season is open again from Jan. 14 to March 4. The scholarship application includes certain requirements for students to apply.

Cosumnes River College is accepting scholarship applications for graduating students from Jan. 14 through March 4.
Scholarship Supervisor Elizabeth Starbuck said there weren’t that many requirements students needed.
“You need to have completed six units at CRC, and currently be enrolled in six units,” Starbuck said.
Starbuck said students who meet these requirements will be able to apply for the scholarship application. Starbuck spoke about the steps that students have to do in order to apply for the application.
“It’s an online application, you go to, sign in with your username and password and the system will import your student information based on your student ID,” Starbuck said. “Then, there’s a general application which asks you to fill out any other information about being involved in any activities, four short essay questions about educational or career goals, financing your education and any community service or volunteer roles you’ve done.”
Starbuck explained what the system will do once the students have completed filling out all the information necessary.
“The scholarship system will match you with scholarships based on the information that you have entered,” Starbuck said.
Starbuck spoke about the financial benefits for students and what the funds can be used for.
“Scholarship funds are given to students in the form of a check and they are available for the students for any school-related expenses that they might have,” Starbuck said.
Radio, Television and Film Production Professor Lauren Wagner included some information about the benefits of scholarships.
“If you spend time working on your scholarship, then you have the ability to benefit from that and they won’t give you money if you don’t apply,” Wagner said.
Wagner explained that students would have to fill out the application, if they’re going to apply for a job.
“When you apply to a job or you have a job interview and you explain why you would be a good candidate, it’s some practice doing that,” Wagner said.
Wagner said that applying for scholarships is an option for students who are graduating or returning for another semester.
“It depends on the scholarship,” Wagner said. “Some would say that you have to complete 30 units before you can apply and others would say it’s open to any student.”
English Professor Heather Hutcheson said there have been some issues when students fill out the application.
“It’s just the usual problems like finding the time and prioritizing, because I do think it takes some time and some thinking,”Hutcheson said. “Sometimes, I will be approached by students at the last minute because other professors weren’t able to meet the time frame.”
Students who haven’t filled out their applications have until March 4 to do so.