Students share their feelings about in-person classes


Asyah Zamani

After two years of online learning, 50% of in-person classes comes back to CRC. Many students have different reactions of having in-person classes again.

After two years of online learning, many Cosumnes River College courses returned to in-person instruction on Feb. 22.
In interviews with students on campus at CRC, students shared their feelings about in-person classes.
Twenty-four-year-old sociology major Akash Singh said he is happy about returning to campus.
“I’m pretty happy to be back to campus,” Singh said. “I felt like I found it easier to learn in-person rather than online.”
Business major Nayha Mehmood, 20, said being on school grounds was very pleasing, especially because it was her first time actually being on campus.
“I was pretty excited about it, because this is my first time being on campus,” Mehmood said. “Now that I’m on campus, it actually feels nice to actually be out of the house after a long time.”
Tyler Venner, a 19-year-old mechanical major, was one student who said he felt differently about in-person classes returning.
“I was kinda disappointed, I much rather prefer online classes,” Veneer said. “It was easier for me to do everything on my own time and I didn’t have to worry about driving.”
Twenty-year-old mechanical and arts major Immaun Patterson spoke about some of the benefits of in-person classes returning.
“Just being able to ease into having the ability to open back up is pretty nice,” Patterson said. “I think having the experience of actually participating, getting one-on-one with teachers, all of that is super helpful and I am glad they opened up.”
Erica Garmashova, an 18-year-old biology and microbiology major, spoke about what she liked about returning on campus.
“I like that you have a lot more opportunities to interact with students,” Garmashova said. “When you’re online on Zoom, most people just have their cameras off so you don’t really have the chance to get to know someone and make some friends.”
Garmashova spoke about building a strong bond with your professors in an in-person environment rather than an online environment.
“It’s a lot easier, because when you’re in-person, you build those relationships with your professors, you get to know them and you have a higher chance of communicating any trouble you may have,” Garmashova said. “When you are online, it can seem really intimidating.”
Pre-health occupations major Rosa Cha, 18, said she really enjoys in-person classes because she is able to tell who’s who.
“I felt like I got to see people, it was nice to connect with them and I was able to put a face on who they are instead of just seeing them through a computer screen,” Cha said.
Susan Giang, a 20-year-old civil engineering major, said she much rather be on campus than through Zoom and spoke about the social environment.
“The environment really sets it, because being in your room or not being on campus is too distracting,” Giang said. “When you’re around people, you don’t feel as isolated and you get help much faster.”