In-person tutoring center remains empty despite re-opening


Courtesy of Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is offering in-person services for students again. There are various locations and times for students to access tutoring depending on the subject.

The Tutoring Center reopened for on-campus use earlier this spring semester, but the center has yet to reach the foot traffic it once had before the COVID-19 campus closure in the Fall of 2020.
The center offers online appointments as well as in-person appointments and is located in LRC 216. It is mainly for subjects that don’t already have their own dedicated space to receive help like the math or writing center do. The tutoring center is available in person on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9-2 p.m. and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-4 p.m.
Tutoring Services Coordinator Ryana Fisher said since opening their doors on ground, only three students have come in to ask for help this semester.
“People have really settled into this online remote environment that we’ve been in for the last two years,” Fisher said.
Fisher said she believes people would rather get help in the comfort of their home and are prioritizing other things during the regular school hours before catching an online tutor later in the day.
Tutoring Center Clerk Anna Tonoca mentioned something similar, likening the tutoring center to a “ghost town.”
“I wish we could provide a bigger variety of different subjects, but right now we’re based on traffic and it’s very slow. A good amount of people should know unless it’s just one of those things where they overlook their emails,” Tonoca said.
The Tutoring Center also offers individual tutoring rooms for groups of people looking for a quiet space to work together.
Erika Cole, 20, pre-nursing major, believes that most students aren’t seeking out tutors.
“I never sought out tutoring for myself, usually I’ll be doing my homework and don’t think, ‘I need to see a tutor right now,’ because I’m too busy,” Cole said.
Cole said she wishes people would visit more often so she could get more practice helping people because that’s what she signed up for. She claimed she has not been able to tutor anyone this semester.
Students who need tutoring services can stop by LRC 216 or click here for more information.