Students are split on measure to legalize online sports betting


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Proposition 27 would allow mobile and online sports betting for adults 21 and older. The voting deadline is Nov. 8.

Proposition 27 would legalize online sports betting for the first time in California and will be included on the November ballot.
A dozen Cosumnes River College students shared differing opinions on Proposition 27. Most students supported the proposition, but others were worried about the effects it could have on gambling addiction.
“It’s kind of going to happen either way,” said Faith Catario,18, a psychology major. “It’s a really big deal because there’s a lot of sports betting that is happening illegally, but if they don’t make it happen, then it’s going to happen anyway.”
The proposition will tax gambling companies and Native American tribes that facilitate online gambling. This tax will be put into a trust fund with 85% of it going towards helping the homeless and 15% to Native American tribes that are not associated with gambling.
Many students shared support for the proposition, but said they believed the split in the trust fund was not fair.
“I feel like it definitely should be split because there are Native American tribes that are struggling,” Catario said. “So, I think it definitely should be split in that perspective.”
Catario added that the split should be even between the two groups.
Eighteen-year-old business major Jayden Leslie supported the idea, but said the amount was not distributed fairly.
“I think that the split should be like 35% to Native American tribes,” Leslie said.
Jazleen Washington, 22, a biology major, said she believed it is good that money is being given to tribes that do not want to be a part of gambling.
“Using some of the money that is garnered irresponsibly for positive things is a great thing, especially with it going towards tribes that are not involved in gambling because there’s going to be this process to get involved,” Washington said.
Liliana Ramos, a 20-year-old nursing major, agreed with the other students but expressed concern.
“I don’t think it would be a bad thing in the short term, but in the long term, maybe it could cause addiction,” Ramos said.
Ramos also shared her thoughts on the trust fund.
“I think they should increase it with 90% going to the homeless,” Ramos said.
Pre-nursing major, Jeffrey Raboy, 18, disagreed with the other students’ approach to this topic and did not support the proposition.
“No, because generally, online gambling is bad because a lot of people lose a lot of money,” Raboy said. “So, I don’t support it.”