Students react after third lockdown in the past 5 months


Alex Grado

The campus was put under a precautionary lockdown on March 10 after Los Rios Police were alerted of a violent crime that took place in the parking structure. This was the third lockdown of the past academic school year and CRC students express their thoughts on the lockdowns.

The campus was put under a precautionary lockdown on March 10 after Los Rios Police were alerted of a violent crime taking place in the parking structure.
The lockdown marked the third of the past academic school year. Cosumnes River College students expressed their thoughts on the lockdowns.
“It makes me sad because I come here to study,” said Lizbeth Nunez, an 18-year-old advertising major. “It definitely makes me ask myself whether I should really come to school.”
Nineteen-year-old kinesiology major Brianna Nuiruri said that the lockdowns have made her reconsider how she attends CRC.
“It’s for sure made me consider going all online,” Nuiruri said
Jayla Nguyen, an 18-year-old biology pre-nursing major said she attends CRC because it’s close to her home, but has found herself taking the longer route at night to avoid dark areas on campus.
“I have thought about carrying pepper spray,” Nguyen said. “They (campus police) do their best, but they may not always be around or make it in time.”
Nguyen also added that sending out an email with all the campus resources would be helpful.
Jeffrey Raboy, a 19-year-old biology pre-nursing major, echoed similar sentiments about his own safety.
“I trust them (campus police) to stop things before they happen and they have done a good job of catching the people, but when it’s already going on then it’s too late,” Raboy said. “There has been a lot going on, on campus, and it’s a bit of a concern. I think being aware of the resources would help as there could be a number of things contributing to stress on the campus.”
Twenty-year-old journalism major Simon Her said that while he feels safe on campus, he would want to be aware of where or who he could talk to that would help others’ stress levels.
“Having teacher acknowledgment goes a long way,” Her said. “Even trying to reach out to people who need help.”
Amaan Ali, a 20-year-old history major, said he hopes to see a little more security presence on campus now.
“I do feel safe,” Ali said. “But I do feel we need better security measures on campus. The campus police do a good job, but when there’s lockdowns it would help if they were a little more transparent.”
Zaire Cunanan, a 19-year-old undeclared major said the alerts help, but they also add to her fears.
“Letting us know a little more when there is a lockdown would help because when they send us updates like the text messages we don’t always know and it makes me more scared,” Cunanan said.
Tyler Humphreys, 21, an engineering major, had a different outlook when it came to limiting the possibility of threats on campus.
“I don’t know what they can change beyond having a million police officers on campus, but that’s just not possible,” Humphreys said.
For any emergency on campus, call Los Rios Police Dispatch at 916-558-2221 and press zero or call 911. There are also blue light emergency phones located throughout the campus.