Student tech desk helps students with their technical needs


Robert Rincon

Student Tech Desk founded by Benjamin Wingard is located near the library main entrance. The tech desk began in March 2019, it helps students and staff with all of their technical needs.

The Student Tech Desk can help students with all of their technical needs. The student tech desk is available to all Cosumnes River College students and staff.

Student Tech Support Mohammad Quderi, 34, said it helps students with their technical problems.

Rather it’s personal electronics or library electronics being used, the tech desk has “specially trained student workers at the desk who are available to help,” according to the student tech desk information document.

The tech desk can help students with multiple areas such as connecting to campus wi-fi network, signing up for free access to Microsoft Office or Office 365 on your electronic, resetting your eservices password to access your Los Rios student portal, and forwarding your school email. 

This service allows students to have their Los Rios school emails be sent to any email address of their choice and help save students a lot of time from steadily having to log in and out of their Los Rios Gmail that is only accessible through CRC’s website.

“We have to pay for the physical desk and there are students that work there and we have to pay their wages,” said Student Tech Desk founder Benjamin Wingard, 42. “The ongoing costs are paying for student help.”

The purpose of the student tech desk being created is “to support the laptop lending program,” said Library Technician Melissa Briggs.

“The benefits are learning new things. They can help you with your papers as in format,” said David Andres, 20, a pharmacy tech major.

Other goals and ways the student tech desk plans to help students include to “help students with laptops from the lending laptop program, help with the copy machine, printing and help students in the computer lab,” said Briggs.

Quderi said that the tech desk is currently open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. as hours may change depending on staff availability.

Quderi said the tech desk service initially started in March 2019.

If the question or problem is something the student tech desk is not known or used for, the student tech desk staff will gladly point students and staff in the correct direction.