Student government prepares for Spring 2020 elections

The Associated Students of Cosumnes River College (ASCRC) also known as the student government of the college, comprises two leadership teams which are Student Senate (SS) and the Clubs and Events Board (CAEB).

ASCRC senators and elected officials serve as the voices of the CRC student body. ASCRC adviser Oscar Mendoza hosted a virtual meeting with the student senators and leaders via Zoom while answering most frequently asked questions by students on Wednesday. 

Each candidate was given one minute to talk while responding to each question that was asked by Mendoza and the viewing audience.

 “If elected, what are some things you want to accomplish,” Mendoza asked. 

Aesha Abduljabbar who currently serves as Student Senate President of American River College said that she wants to develop an emergency safety plan.

“Many students are struggling mentally and physically. Students are struggling to afford computers for schooling,” said Abduljabbar.

Therefore, while students are struggling in different ways, ASCRC’s Vice President Ngan Bao, would like to change the board’s focus on how to best help students meet their needs to succeed.

“My first step would be to redirect what the new board’s focus is,” said Bao. “We have to clear our goals.”

“How would you engage in the student body to be actively involved,” Mendoza asked. 

In order to be involved, “You need to be present and actively engaging,” said CAEB commissioner Amolak Virk. “The main way we can get clubs engaged is through funding.”

With approximately 28 people in attendance during the meeting, candidates were told to wrap the meeting up by providing their closing remarks.

“It was an honor for me to hear from all of you,” said Abduljabbar.

Election day is April 21-22. CRC students are able to vote online for each candidate they want to select for multiple positions. In order to vote online, students must first login to their eservices. Then, hit other resources once logged in. Next, click Elections & Surveys. Finally, click where it says “Click here for Voting site or click here for accessible voting site.”

Voting is only available to students who are currently enrolled in Los Rios District.