Designated smoking zones not adhered to

Cosumnes River College stated that on April 1 they would be implementing a new rule regarding the smoking on campus.

This new rule designated specific areas to smokers to prevent non-smokers from walking around a smoke-filled campus. However, this rule is not being enforced as it should be.

As a smoker, I was told before April 1 that I would have to start smoking in the grass by the automotive and technology buildings.

Since this rule was supposed to take effect, I have not been asked to move, nor have seen signs stating where the smoking areas are. Also, there are still ashtrays lining the walkways of the campus, with no sign stating it is a non-smoking area.

Now, as I walk around campus I feel as though there are more smokers lining the walkways than before.

This newly formed rule was put into place in order to prevent those who choose not to smoke from being subjected to the second-hand smoke. I do not see this being upheld by CRC and I believe that this needs change.

There needs to be signs or maps showing where these areas are. You cannot assume students will know where they can and cannot smoke on campus without giving them some sort of direction.

Smokers will smoke where an ashtray is available and think that it is okay to do so. Therefore, the ashtrays need to be taken out and moved into these areas along with signs designating it a smoking area.

CRC needs to be more helpful in directing students to these areas and faculty needs to do their part in enforcing this rule.

Allowing smokers to continue to pollute the campus with secondhand smoke is ridiculous.

This needs to be handled so that the students who do not wish to allow the smoke to enter their body in any way are not forced to do so.

CRC needs to take an active role in this situation if they wish to see any change in the smoking habits of the students in attendance.